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Fantic Caballero 500 Scrambler

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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We've said so many times: one of the "outsider" bikes that attracted more interest to the last Eicma, excluding the superstars, was Fantic Caballero. There were two prototypes at the Venetian House stand , one of 500 cc and one of 125 . Very popular with the public, Caballero has been curiosizing for months and every time we talk about the clicks, they are getting bigger. It also happened with the interviewin which Mariano Roman (AD Fantic) talked about how the Caballero family will grow in the future, even with cylinders higher than 500 cc.
Meanwhile, however, we Caballero 500 tried it exclusively in the world and we gave it the honor of the July Motorcycle Cover. For full service, with technical and design details, you can request the backlog by writing to assistenza.clienti@edisport.it , but here's an excerpt from the section on road and offroad impression impressions.




Our tester has fun with the Fantic Caballero 500

Let's start by telling you that we are on the move with a bike that is still a prototype, albeit very advanced. The final bike will arrive in November, but the aesthetic is this, while the new engine built by the Chinese Zongshen on Fantic specifications is yet to be slightly tuned. Inside the center volumes go well in the sitting seat, but when standing up on the footrests, they interfere with the leg. The same hot zone, but the collectors do not yet have the final insulation. For the rest, the saddle position is comfortable and effective in any situation, especially in the center-advanced position. The weight is contained and allows you to drive smoothly even in off-road. Suspensions are very well copied, but it is best to avoid deep holes or jumps. And when you want to be aggressive in driving, the Caballero 500 becomes a "crossbones", well controllable with the body: just unload the rear and point the front. In short, great fun.

Fantic Caballero 500: how does the new scrambler go?
Caballero 500 in action on the road during our test

On the road you drive with ease and sense of lightness, the saddle is not at stratospheric height and it touches well with your feet. The brakes are very effective, and in general all controls are well accessible. The engine is gentle in the gas response, reacts to the first opening with a pleasant sound and speeds in a regular and controllable manner. The general, this one-cylinder does not impress by power, but has certainly not been built for this. Vibrations are difficult to evaluate because some details are not definitive ones (such as clutch) but some pulsation is noticeable. The dumbbelled tires, as a rule for a Scrambler, are effective in any situation: on asphalt and off-road tires, the condition we found in this test, they have maintained their effectiveness.