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Fantic Motor Caballero 500 Flat Track

Monday, October 23, 2017

As we're all eagerly awaiting the new Fantic Caballero 500's, Since the show at Tobacco docks, We've had large amounts of interest in this stunning motorcycle.

Fantic have released some photos of the 500 Flat tracker, which all of us here at Moonraker have agreed - WOW!


The stunning LED headlight, Fantic Arrow exhaust system, Fat bars, digital clock and many small details that really finish the bike off is proving it to be a stunning edition to the retro motorcycle market 


The best words to describe this masterclass of the retro motorcycle market? Complete bike porn.




















And to fill your hunger even more?


Check out this review from DueRuote, an Italian motorcycle news page



Here is the Caballero of the new millennium, a motorcycle ready to attack the market at a price that should go around around 6,500 euros. We have tried it EXCLUSIVE on the Marani Motorsport Park track in Badia Calavena

The Caballero , for fans and nostalgics, is something more than a mere name of a motorbike. It is a call to a model that has marked many generations. Today , Caballero has returned and we have tried exclusively on the track Marani Motorsport Park in Badia Calavena , in the province of Verona, the Flat Track version , which we will be seeing in the final version of the next EICMA .

The Caballero Flat Track is really well done: simple and light lines, with measured and elegant references to the progenitor as the tank decorated with a tarball label " Caballero"identical to that of forty years ago. Really impressed with the white plastic cover and the aggressive exhaust system with a split terminal hidden beneath the sideboard (always made of plastic material), which contains the number 19 (a reference to the strange and Atypical wheel size.)

The engine is a 450 cc single cylinder designed by the Chinese Zongshen but developed and engineered with the Fantic technicians: it is not a specialized unit with "hourly" coupons, on the contrary it is a reliable propulsion suitable for a use at 360 °. Among its features the single overhead camshaft four valves, the electronic fuel injection and the balancing countershaft to contain the vibrations.

Even the chassisis all-in-one: it uses a double cradle steel frame, a non-adjustable inverted fork and a mono adjustable in the preload (but it is not excluded that the screw is fitted to customize the extended hydraulic brake). Really special wheels and tires: for both wheels the diameter is 19 "while the size of the tires is 2,75x7,5-19. These are made by Mitas and are technically inspired by the roofs used in flat track competitions. Do not be afraid, they are also approved for use on open traffic routes ...

Fantic Motoris an Italian reality that looks to China only for the construction of the propulsion: the component, as mentioned, is almost entirely European, an area where the gap between the Asian colossus and the companies of the old continent (or Japanese) is still sensitive . Not surprisingly, the handlebars and controls are marked Domino, the plastic and the tank are made by our outsiders, the brakes are ByBre (owned by Brembo), the Arrow lift, ABS Continental. All in all, to guarantee a high quality.


Half an oval day can not be said to be a comprehensive and complete test for a motorcycle that aspires to be effective and enjoyable (and above all) on the road. But sometimes exaggerating is nice and fun. So, inside the first one and you go. The first observation goes to the rather aggressive driving position: the lower bend of the handlebar, in fact, imposes an advanced posture on the bust, loading the front face, and this feature invites an attack guide. Much more than a problem with this bike that does not disgrace at all to be abused even on the low adherence of the Badia Calavena track.

The other peculiarity of Caballero Flat Trackis the extreme sweetness of the engine: at the small openings of the gas, the response is always soft and measured and is accompanied by an extremely linear torque delivery over the entire arch. Too much regular ... since to trigger the snooze in the curve, an indispensable technique to "spin" the bike with efficiency, it is necessary to give a gas-free mana. Operation is not always easy, especially for the less experienced. By adopting a particularly aggressive track on the track, the stretch would deserve something better: Fantic technicians explain to us, however, that in the final version the bike will have a thousand rounds more than the specimen we tested, with the limiter placed at quota 9,500 rpm.

on the dirt road . There are two factors that need to be taken into consideration: the weight that is not certain of a slight motorbike born for this specialty (although we lack a little ...) and the fork that for this very particular use is too sustained. On the other hand, the calibration of suspensions can only be compromised, given the road destination of the bike: at least initially there will not be many who will cross the oval track gates. But for them, Fantic seems to be developing a package of accessories that will include suspensions from dedicated calibration and other useful components studied ad hoc.


More sophisticated even if the hydraulic brake comes back slightly, but as mentioned, the suspension issue is far from closed and further developments are on the way to Ollé. On the brakes, however, we can not unbalance us, as they are used in the flat track in a really marginal way: positive judgment on the performance of wheels and tires. The latter have really surprised us of their behavior, although this mix is rather tough for the type of use. But this does well to hope for the mileage once the motorcycle is brought on asphalt, which should be the natural environment for such a means.

Caballero is in fact destined for a wide audience, lovers of the fairy, return bikers, newcomers and all those looking for an easy, enjoyable and even cheap bike. Already, because it seems that the sale price will go around 6,500 euros . If confirmed, it would be a bargain to be carefully evaluated. Also because the rivals are really few and on average much more expensive. The countdown has begun, be patient.



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