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Royal Enfield Twins Update

Tuesday, October 09, 2018


Hello all,


Since the world premiere of the all new 650 Twins in California last week, there has been a growing clamor for information on these long awaited Machines.


Last week Royal Enfield released the colour options for both models, please see below.

At the prestigious EICMA Show in Milan on the 6th of November there will be the official launch for Europe of the Twins, where RRP and production availability will be announced.

In the meantime we realize there will be a lot of speculation and (potentially wrong) conclusions drawn from the information given in California, however we ask to be patient until the Eicma show.



Royal Enfield have now released the spec sheets for both models, which will be at the bottom of this blog.


On top of this, Royal Enfield’s youtube channel has become a gold-mine of Twin related content, I advise you to have a little look through it and see for yourselves!



Futhermore, Royal Enfield commissioned a custom Interceptor to be built by Old Empire Motorcycles, who are only based in Diss, boasting the customization that Royal Enfield offers!


We are told we can be waiting anytime up to May for vehicles, however we have heard hints that we possibly will see them beforehand.


We have been told we should see demonstrators within the next month or two, one Interceptor and one Continetal GT. We will send out emails once they're available for test rides, more than likely through a Launch party, which if you're on our mailing list you should receive an invite!


As a dealer we have put our hand up for every colour available plus more in anticipation of the twins, putting us in a strong position to be able to meet all of the vehicle demand we expect to initially see, as not to disappoint anybody who has been waiting patiently!


That’s all for now folk, however please keep an eye on your emails as there will be a lot more updates trickling in over the next several weeks!


Not on our mailing list? Please contact us to be added!


Kind regards,

Aidan Mills & Paul Clarke

The Moonraker Team