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Ever since the Vespa scooter was introduced in 1946, we have led the field using innovative technology to produce trendsetting scooters that have become known the world over for style, quality, economy and performance. Vespa scooters are reasonably priced and include a 2 year warranty with 1 year roadside assistance for scooters over 50cc. Throughout the year we also offer some unbelievable finance and insurance deals on our most popular models. Being renowned for low depreciation, the durability and reliability of a Vespa scooter means that it will hold its value longer than you ever imagined.

A Vespa scooter also has something special which sets it apart – timeless Italian style flowing from a strong heritage that is appreciated the world over – a unique quality available only from Vespa.

Vespa News:

Vespa news

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Vespa Range:


Vespa GTS 125 70th anniversary addition, SILVER GREY & BLUE In Stock!

Ltd edition version of the classic Vespa GTS 125 comes with back rack and Vespa Back Bag Too !
Price: £4221 On The Road


Vespa PX 125 70th anniversary addition

70th anniversary addition of the classic Vespa PX125. The last Year this iconic scooter will be made.
Price: £3699 On The RoaD

Vespa Primavera 125 3v anniversary addition

Ltd edition version of the classic small frame Vespa Primavera 125 3v
Price: £3999 On The Road

Vespa GTS 300 70th anniversary addition, LAST ONE ! In SILVER GREY

Ltd edition version of the classic Vespa GTS 300.

Now Last One in Silver Grey only. Not as per picture.
Price: £4943 On The Road

Vespa Primavera 50 cc 2t

Vespa's work of art all wrapped up in a 50cc Scooter
Price: £2871

Vespa PX 125

The classic vintage styling of a Vespa, but now with a disc brake at the front and a auto-lube system!
Price: £3599 On The Road

Vespa PX 150

The big brother of the PX 125, but with a little more grunt.
Price: £3677 On The Road

Vespa GTS Super 125

Classic Vespa styling with a new modern twist.
Price: £3971 On The Road


Not pre-reg Brand new Vespa GTS 300 Supers.And YES £4595 !!!!
0% available please ask Paul in store for details.
Price: £4595

Vespa GTS Super Sport 300

Limited edition Vespa GTS 300
Price: £4793 On The Road

Vespa GTS Super Sport 125

Vespa's new GTS Super Sport NOW in stock!!!
Price: £3695

Vespa Sprint 125 3V

Vespa..... What a great looking scooter!!
Price: £3495

Vespa Products

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